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Five Pillars of a Sound Financial Plan

This week’s radio discussed the Five Pillars of a Sound Retirement. Tune in as Sam and Mike discuss them in depth: 1 – Income Planning 2 – Investment Planning 3 – Estate Planning 4 – Tax Planning 5 – Health Care Planning

Four Important Things to Keep in Mind When Planning For Retirement

Do you have all the bases covered to pave the way for a happy and secure retirement, or does your plan have a big hole? In this week’s episode of Just Don’t Lose The Money Radio, Sam covered four important things to keep in mind when planning for your retirement. Here’s an overview of what […]

Four Challenges You May Face in Retirement

As you near or enter retirement, there may be some challenges you face in the realm of financial stability. In this week’s episode of Just Don’t Lose The Money Radio, John and Ryan discuss four challenges retirees face while retiring in the 21st century.  Listen to the audio for the full discussion, but here are […]

Twelve Questions From Our Listeners (And Our Answers!)

This week’s episode of Just Don’t Lose The Money Radio was dedicated toward answering questions that listeners submitted online. Listen to the podcast to hear Sam discuss questions such as: 1 – What Are The Pros/Cons of Starting Social Security Withdrawals Before Full Retirement Age?(2:12 mark) 2 – I am about to turn 66. Would […]

Five Myths About Your Finances in Retirement, Debunked

This week’s episode of Just Don’t Lose The Money Radio discussed myths about finances in retirement. Below are five of those myths that they touched upon. Make sure to listen to the podcast to stay up to date with all the information they discussed on the show! Myth #1 – Your Expenses Will Go Down […]

The Rise of Lump-Sum Buyouts: Should You Consider One?

Last month (March 2019), the Treasury Department quietly announced it no longer intends to amend the required minimum distribution regulations under § 401(a)(9) of the Internal Revenue Code (Code) to address the practice of offering retirees and beneficiaries who are currently receiving annuity payments under a defined benefit plan a temporary option to elect a […]

Never Underestimate The “Power of Zero”

In this week’s post we’ll discuss the importance of having products within your mix of your portfolio that you can count on when the market drops. A bit of backstory – last week I met up and had lunch with Patrick Kelly, best-selling author and the man who wrote the Stress-Free Retirement book – a book that we […]