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Asset Protection

While growth during your pre-retirement years is the main goal, that perspective shifts when moving into your retirement years. Upon taking distributions, protection of your current retirement assets is crucial to help provide income throughout retirement.

Retirement is lasting longer than ever, sometimes lasting 30 years or more. With those kinds of timelines, planning out your income and protecting what you have is more important than ever. Additionally, 70% of retirees will need some type of long-term care, which can have a large impact on their retirement assets and distributions.

We use a variety of products and riders to help protect your retirement assets and provide income should you require long-term care or nursing home care, including annuities, long-term care riders, long-term care insurance, death benefit riders, and life insurance products. During your retirement plan assessment, we’ll find out if there are any gaps in your coverage or income plan and help you create a way to protect your retirement assets through these helpful products.

Asset Protection Strategies in Boston

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