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You should ENJOY your retirement, choosing to do what makes YOU happy.

Travel, time with family, or enjoying things you didn’t have much time for when working; you should ENJOY your retirement, choosing to do what makes YOU happy.

Managing your own wealth in retirement can be incredibly time-consuming, complicated, and emotionally draining.

Choosing investments, research, and deciding what to sell (and when!) can all take hours on the clock.


The world of retirement planning has changed, and the old tools weren’t built for retirement in today’s world.

Retirement in today’s world faces unprecedented challenges, and operates according to a new set of rules.

In a world of interest rate manipulation by central banks, high-frequency trading on Wall Street, high sovereign and personal debt, volatility in financial markets, currency wars, geo-political threats, and more – retirement may only be possible by learning and applying updated concepts and smarter techniques.

Retirement today operates according to a new set of rules, and you need a strategy that is fluid enough to move with the ebbs & flows that are happening in TODAY’s world

Who We Are

Rubino & Liang Wealth Partners has been serving clients in the Boston area for over two decades. 

We are a team of experienced retirement and financial advisors dedicated to offering real solutions to your financial challenges, both today and in the future. 

Our number-one priority is making sure you, our client, get the best financial care possible. Our team approach ensures you get the best advice and strategies for your situation, and our attorney and CPA partners help us complete your financial picture. 

In other words, we take care of your financial future so you can focus on doing what you love.

How We Help With Your Retirement Goals

Our retirement planning process is designed to create a personal relationship with you, taking the time to truly understand your unique personal and financial situation.

From discovery to recommendations and implementation, every step is designed with you in mind, and built to work for you, every-day of your retirement, 365 days a year.

Analyze Stage


Recommendation Stage

Implementation Stage


Maintenance & Monitoring Stage

Where Are You On Your Retirement Journey?


Making Work Optional

Geoff and Kristin don’t have a set retirement date.

Not because they can’t retire, but because they’re not sure when (or if) they want to stop working.

They’ve worked for years to excel in their respective fields and they aren’t ready to leave their passions simply because they’re nearing “traditional” retirement age...


Nearing Retirement

Debbie has four adult children and three grandkids. She lives modestly, owns her home, and looks forward to spending more time with family.

With a realization of the variety of investment accounts - including 401ks from former employers, stock options, and multiple brokerage accounts - that accumulated over her years as a medical researcher, Debbie began thinking about retirement.


In Retirement

Harold devoted 32 years to his company before deciding it was time to move into the next chapter of his life. He and his wife Diane were looking forward to traveling, golfing, and giving back to their community.

His retirement package included a 401(k), stock options, but no pension. He was hoping to put these assets to work so he and Diane could enjoy a comfortable future filled with all the things they dreamed ...

(Note: These case studies are hypothetical, do not involve a Rubino & Wealth Partners client, and should not be construed as a guarantee.)

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Whether you’re asking questions about when you can retire, how to manage your investments, or if you have enough to leave the impact you want for your family and community, we’re here to help.

Our 365 Retirement Plan Process™ is designed to create a personal relationship with our clients, taking the time to truly understand their unique personal and financial situation. Just as no two people are alike, we believe no two retirement plans should be, either. We take the time to create customized strategies to help our clients pursue their retirement goals.