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Our Financial Services

Our retirement services are varied because your retirement needs are. Your situation is different from the couple you eat out with or your next-door neighbor. While many of the strategies for building a more successful retirement are the same, when and how we implement them may change based on your individual circumstances.

For every Boston-area retiree and pre-retiree who comes into our office, we sit down, spend time with them and answer any concerns or questions they may have while we genuinely get to know them and their retirement goals. We then partner together to design a plan that they are happy with and that’s a good fit for their situation.

Financial Planning Services in Boston

Retirement Income Planning

Income in retirement is one of the top concerns for pre-retirees and retirees across the nation. We’ll look at your assets and current income in your working years, as well as your projected income in retirement, and create a flexible, smart plan using protective strategies and products to help create an income stream that will last a lifetime.

Investment Management

From bull to bear, our goal for you is growth. We can’t predict the markets, but we can allocate your assets using smart strategies and diversify to help reduce risk in your portfolio. We assess your risk, understand your goals, and work toward a retirement goal that’s right for you.

Asset Protection

While the goal when building wealth is growth, one of the goals many share in retirement is to reduce loss to the nest egg you’ve already built. Through smart strategies and helpful products, we can help reduce loss and protect what you already have. 

Our Services

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