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Investment Management

We have a simple goal when it comes to investment management: help you grow your wealth and diversify your assets.

Portfolio Management

When you manage your investments with us, we’ll do a risk analysis on your current portfolio and establish what the current risk is. We’ll also complete a risk assessment to see where you and your spouse’s risk tolerance lies, whether it’s more conservative or aggressive, and reallocate your portfolio to match your risk tolerance. Our advisors also take age and stage of life into account when building your portfolio allocations, whether you’re a pre-retiree or in retirement already.

Asset Protection

We offer solutions to help protect your retirement outlook by evaluating what you currently own that may expose your retirement assets to potential losses. We then establish what your unique tolerance level is and design your retirement income plan and strategy around that level.

Rubino and Liang Wealth Partners offers investment management solutions in Newton, MA and the greater Boston area, including Needham, Waltham, Brookline, Quincy, and more.

Life is complicated enough. It’s time for simplicity. You can now view all your investment accounts in one, secure spot. Achieve your goals faster by seeing how all your accounts work together.

Added Peace of Mind Starts Here. When market changes affect your investments, you will be the first to know. Financial markets go up, down and sideways. The volatility can be awfully frustrating, difficult to understand, and challenging to stay committed to. But with a proper plan, investing can provide very real long-term rewards. Clients of WealthGuard also have access to BlueLeaf.

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