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Retirement Income Planning

Did you know that only about 20% of the retiring workforce have pensions anymore? That means that now, more than ever before, planning your income in retirement is crucial for pursuing a successful future. The retirement landscape is constantly changing, with emerging technology, changes to the economy, different political settings, and even how we choose to spend and invest our money.

The first year of the baby boomer generation is 1946. We’ve found that the majority of baby boomers that come into our office don’t have a pension, and their primary concern is not running out of money in retirement. Annuities were recently referenced in an issue of Kiplinger’s Retirement Report. The article stated, “annuities can offer significant benefits to retirees, including lifetime income for those who fear outliving their money.” Not all annuities are the same, however, so we’re careful to find the right solution and the right company for our clients.

At Rubino and Liang Wealth Partners, we believe that a smarter retirement doesn’t have to be impossible to achieve. We’ll walk you through each portion of the retirement income planning process, including our Retirement 365 Plan™, and build a smart strategy for creating income throughout your retirement years.

Throughout your career, you worked hard to provide for your family. You deserve a retirement plan that allows you to live the lifestyle you always imagined. By employing modern strategies and solutions, our goal is to provide you with a blueprint for your future that will create added peace of mind for you and your family. To accomplish this, we are continually searching for the most innovative and safe insurance products to enhance your retirement planning.

Financial Planning in the Boston Area

During your consultation with us, we will show you what we believe are the best available options and solutions for you and your family during retirement. Creating more stable and consistent streams of income is a major part of a successful retirement plan, and we utilize income-generating vehicles, such as fixed annuities, to provide you with income you cannot outlive, as well as protect your assets from market downturns. Rubino and Liang offer retirement income planning in Newton, MA and the greater Boston area, including Needham, Waltham, Brookline, Quincy, and more.

Milestones to Retirement

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