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3 Things You Need To Know When Planning For Retirement

For most of my adult life and career as a broadcast journalist, I focused on daily challenges and deadlines. I worked really hard as a consumer reporter and advocate, protecting people from scams and rip-offs, providing information and advising them on what NOT to do; how NOT to waste their money.

Now, after retiring from television news, I’m doing the same thing, but in a different way – telling people what they SHOULD do to protect themselves, their money and their futures.When we’re working, we’re not really focusing on the future or thinking about retirement and what it will costs to live; how important financial security will be. I didn’t- and no one was there reminding me to be smart or telling me what to do. But, boy do I know now, and I’m telling YOU!

That’s why I’m working with Sam & Rich. Take it from me, it’s imperative you understand what financial protection and security mean. You need to know what you need to do. It’s important information that’s crucial for a happy retirement!

Here are the 3 things you need to know about retirement planning that will help you on your way to a happy, stress-free retirement:


#1 Know How Much You Need Each Month

As you plan for retirement, one of the most important things you need to get a handle on is how much money you need each month.  Most people overlook this while they are working and have a steady paycheck, but it is very dangerous to overlook when you are not working. Rich and Sam have made it simple to figure out your retirement income needs using their retirement Income Gap worksheet. You need to do this to see if there is a shortfall. If there is, they work with you to find ways to solve it.

#2 Annuities Can Save Your Retirement

I am one of the lucky few that retired with a pension. My pension from Channel 5 has allowed me retire comfortably and take care of my mom who is 102! Most people who retire today don’t have a pension and they don’t really know what to do. They retire with a savings, but are unsure how to make it last. Did you know you can create your own pension, just like mine using annuities? Its important that you know all of the solutions available to you so you can enjoy a stress-free retirement and maintain your lifestyle.


#3 Work With Someone You Can Trust

The most important thing when you have someone advising you on this crutial stage of your life is that you feel a connection with that person. Obviously you want to trust them – but its even more than that. You want to feel secure that they are real and they have a genuine interest in you. When you are planning your retirement, you should feel confident that they are addressing your goals and concerns and that they are educating you on the best solutions for your situation.

If you know how much you need each month during retirement, are aware of the solutions available to you, and work with someone who has your best interests in mind – you will be well on your way to a secure retirement.

If I haven’t already, I hope to meet you at one of our upcoming workshops!

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