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What’s your “What if” Plan?

The Patriots are the Super Bowl Champs…again!  After I was done watching (and celebrating!) two things occurred to me.  One’s a famous quote and one’s a question, but they’re both related.

Here’s the quote:  ”Fortune favors the prepared mind.”[1]

Here’s the question:  How many “What ifs” does Coach Bill Belichick face in preparing for any game, let alone the Super Bowl?

What if his offensive game plan isn’t working?  What if Brady gets hurt?  What if the Seahawks call plays he wasn’t expecting?  What if the Patriots are losing going into the fourth quarter?

The sheer number of “What ifs” is staggering, but “Fortune favors the prepared mind.”  My point isn’t that the Patriots were prepared and the Seahawks weren’t.

My point is …What are your big “What ifs?”

What if you’re forced to retire earlier than you expected?

What if your retirement portfolio doesn’t perform as well as you’d hoped?

What if you had to go into a nursing home?

When you come right down to it, my job and my passion… what I’ve been doing for over 2 decades… is helping people uncover and prepare for their legal and financial “What ifs.”

Because the worst “What if” is the one you haven’t thought of yet.



[1] Louis Pasteur


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