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The Rio Olympics, Gold Medals and Your Retirement

Imagine you just won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics that no one expected you to win. You’re a Cinderella story. When you finally get home after a whirlwind celebration, you have incredible offers from a whole bunch of sponsors who want to pay you big bucks to be their smiling spokesperson.

And you end up making a lot of money. Congratulations!

Now in the world of athletics, guess what usually happens next? Unfortunately, many of them end up spending or losing the money just as fast as they made it. Sad, but true.

What on earth does that have to do with your retirement? Well, the gold medal is you making it to retirement. Now, nobody paid you a huge pile of money over just a couple of years. You had to save it little by little, but here you are at the finish line.

How do you make sure your money lasts? You aren’t going to have income from your job anymore. Nobody is going to pay you to put your smiling face on a box of Wheaties. Your professional career is over.

It sure would be great if the stock market cooperated for the next 5 to 10 years, but we know how that went for folks who were counting on just that back when 2008 came. There’s always the bank, but CD and savings rates are so low it almost seems like we’re paying the bank to hold our money!

There is another way, and it’s the way we’ve done it for our clients for over 20 years. This isn’t the place to talk about products and specifics but if you’re worried about the stock market and frustrated by low interest rates, it might make sense for us to have a conversation.

And congratulations again on your gold medal!

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