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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Let’s say you recently found out you needed open heart surgery.  Bad news, I know, but since over 500,000 similar surgeries are performed every year, there’s a very good chance it will be successful.

But here’s the question…Would you ask your primary care physician to perform the procedure or would you seek the

services of a cardiac surgeon?

It’s a crazy question really.  Of course you’d choose a cardiac surgeon.  You’d want a doctor who’s performed that same procedure hundreds or even thousands of times successfully.

I would never compare myself to a cardiac surgeon, but the point is that I’m a specialist too.

If you’re looking for high growth, high risk investments, then I’m not your man.  If you want to buy individual stocks or bonds and trade them frequently, then I’m not your man either.  There are advisors out there who can help you with that.

But when it comes to creating sustainable, guaranteed income in retirement, I have helped literally thousands of individuals and families do just that.

I host 2 weekly radio shows on the topic.  I’ve written 2 books and countless articles on the topic.  I host monthly workshops on it.  I’ve spent the last 20 years building a practice that specializes in it.  And most importantly, I meet with people every day about it and help them put plans in place to guarantee their retirement income.

In other words, whether you’re recently retired or still a few years away from retirement, I’m just what the doctor ordered!




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