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 Our phones ring everyday with people asking for our help. They’re worried about retirement and want to make sure they’ve got enough income to last the rest of their lives.  And we are always here to help them.

What I find most interesting is what actually prompts them to call us. What is the one final tipping point that makes them act? What causes them to be proactive and plan before something can go wrong, rather than after they’ve suffered a loss? And, more importantly, out of all the people they could call, what makes them choose us?

We asked one of our clients, Wayne Webster, to share his experience. Wayne is just like you, or your friend or neighbor. He worked hard to accumulate savings, and wanted to be sure he didn’t outlive his money at retirement. He needed help.  And he called.

On Sunday, June 29th, tune into Just Don’t Lose the Money Radio to hear Wayne tell us about his road to retirement planning, and what made him choose Rubino & Liang.  Don’t miss this important show! You can hear us at 9am on WRKO and at 8pm on WBZ.

As always, don’t forget our Two Rules:  Rule #1 – Just don’t lose the money!  And Rule #2 – Just don’t forget Rule #1.



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